Q: How old should my child be to go on a trip?

A: Recommended minimum age is eight. We do not permit children on laps-this is a vision and paddling hazard. Many children do not have the endurance or attention span for a long trip in their own boat. We have a limited number of children’s kayaks and only one tandem. Any child on a trip must must be able to swim proficiently and understand water safety.

We recommend parents take a trip without children to access the difficulty and skill needed in relation to their children’s ability.

We also offer guided mini-trips to introduce children and adults to kayaking. Our Guided Mini-Trip includes our guide and instruction for a 1/2-mile long trip with calm water, some mild riffles and a Class I- II rapid for $20 per person. Maximum 2 children under 16 per Guided Mini-Trip.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A. Dogs over 20 lbs do not fit easily in kayaks without impairing your vision and paddling. Smaller dogs that are accustomed to boating are welcome with valid State of Ohio Dog Tags and their own fitted life jacket.

Q.  I’m under 18, can I go on a trip?

A. Yes. Minors are welcome with an Adult. Our policy is one adult kayaker per two minor kayakers. If you have a group of 6 kayakers under 18, you need 3 adults in the group.

Q. Why can’t I wear flip flips (or go bare-foot)?

A. If your boat tips, flip flops are quickly lost (and become litter) and the Creek has sharp rocks, muscle shells and may have broken glass. For your safety and the Creek’s cleanliness, water shoes or old sneakers that can get wet are required.

Q. We booked a trip but the forecast is calling for rain, what should we do?

A. This is a “get-wet” adventure. Rain is not a reason to cancel a trip. Bring your rain gear if you are concerned about the rain. Severe weather such as thunderstorms or heavy downpours are a safety concern. If necessary, a trip could be canceled due to the latest weather information and we will work with you to reschedule.

Q. What do we do if it starts to storm?

A. If you hear thunder in the distance or see graying skies, paddle down creek as fast as you can looking for a bridge or any sign of an access road. Pull your kayaks out of the water and call/text for pickup if you have reception-we can find you based on description.

If you are caught in a storm, pull your kayaks out of the water and well up onto the bank. Retreat to a group of small trees surrounded by taller trees. Avoid lone trees and other tall objects as well as rocky outcrops and ledges. When the storm is over, paddle to the nearest bridge or access road and contact us. We will be looking for you.

Q. Why do you ask for my height  & weight?

A. We make our best attempt to match kayakers with the best boat for an enjoyable trip. Each boat model is rated for different weights, has varying leg room and has different handling characteristics.

Q. How long do the trips take?

A. We provide approximate paddling times based on paddling the entire length of your trip, but we encourage you to take your time and enjoy your trip. Our estimates should be considered the minimum. If you choose to float more than paddle, the trip could take twice as long if the Creek is running slowly.

Q. Will my cellphone be protected from water in a plastic zip-up bag?

A. No. We offer one drybag to each group. We suggest that any valuables that you require on the trip be stored in the drybag, the drybag be properly closed attached to a boat. The drybags are not guaranteed, but are provided as a courtesy.